Thursday, November 1, 2007

Magazine Maddness

first me, then you.... (read to the end for your answers)

Speaking of magazine articles ( you didn't know we were, did you?)

How do you read a magazine?

For instance, I took a cup of coffee just now to Rich ( 6:00 am) and he is reading a magazine (Field and Stream or something), and he is almost to the end, and it dawned on me after being married to this man for 29 1/2 years, that he must read his magazine COMPLETELY from front to back.
I asked him if he did and he said yes.
He gets a magazine and opens the front and reads

I get a magazine and I flip thru it quickly and then go back and read the most interesting thing first. And then I might pick and choose a few other articles. I never read the whole thing.

So I was just curious...... for the magazines you subscribe to, how do you read them?


from Cherrie Lou Who:
I read from front to back, but I skip a few things that I can't get motivated about sometimes. Mostly I read 98% of the articles.

from Barbara Jean Brown:
Since moving into this new house, I got a ton of magazine offers. Everything from free to dirt cheap. I guess they figure if they can get me hooked, that I will continue to renew over the years.So-----that has presented a bit of a problem. There are too many to read "correctly"! Like you, I graze thru, then come back to it and give it more time and effort. But I have a couple mags that I just don't care for, so they get the old "wham bam thank you ma'am" treatment. Once thru and they are history!

from Traci Lynn Marques (am I right?):
We are just like you two. Larry reads everything and I skip here and there, never reading anything all the way through unless it's a book.

from Theresa....Theresa L.... I'm thinking it begins with an "L", Mavity:
I am a magazine junkie. Love them! I get Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, O, Parents, Family Fun, Dance, Dance Teacher, Dance Spirit... and I buy others. I do turn every single page in the mag and look at each article. I do not necessarily read them all though.

from Sadie Elaine Stone:
I read every single thing in magazines from front to back.

from, Jolina.....Adams:
I subscribe to some paper craft magazines, my sister subscribes me to Oprah, and the kids get Nickelodeon and American Girl. I look at everything in the crafts magazine, however Oprah I skim or pick out an article or two. Some months I don't read it at all, but bring it to work so others can. Nik picks through hers, Jenna reads and re-reads all of her magazine, and then will do the same thing with catalogs. I often clean out old worn catalogs from the side of her bed, her floor, backpack, etc.

from Beverly Jean Hambelton: (my mom):
back to front and not everything!

from me/debbie:
I get only cooking and gardening magazines and you all know how I read them. :~)

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