Thursday, November 8, 2007

Beautiful kids

I have been working on this picture for so dang long!!!
It's Tomi's son Cody and her new daughter in law, Chanelle, in Guam.
From when they went to the wedding in June/July (I can't remember EXACTLY)
But the photos she sent were too "big" for my computer... she sent lots but none came thru.
Except this one came at work...but well, anyway, to make a long story short...
HERE IT IS. A FF wedding.

And.....I was envious of Tomi's trip to Guam, she loved it. My heart was filled with envy....
but now?

from Tomi:
SO-here is my exciting news - guess who is going to Australia?!?!?!?!?! ME!!! Can you even believe? I am leaving this Friday as a matter of fact. Stuart is going for work, so I am tagging along. I can hardly wait. We will be gone about a week.

I want to go!!!
Tomi has been a world traveler this year! Virginia, Guam and now Australia.
and then she writes this:
I'm still working way more than I'd like to, but I really should be working more. Why I think we have the wherewithal for me to be a lady of "leisure" is beyond me.

hahahahaa...if you quit traveling the world, you could stay home and sit on your butt. BUT it's not worth it.
And for what it's worth....ladys of leisure wrote letters EVERY DAY. Just FYI.
I am so jealous!!!! Australia.
Have fun, Fun, FUN, FUN!!!!!
(and don't forget the postcards)

And once again, we Friday Friends have the cutest babies, most gorgeous, smartest, amazing children....I mean, you couldn't be a Friday Friend unless this was true!!

as shown by this wedding photo (okay, after the wedding) of Tomi's son and daughter in law, Cody and Chanell Pingree.

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