Sunday, November 4, 2007

poop house

It's fall!!! And I love fall.

and this is what Rich did yesterday. He raked leaves.
look at all the bags! 23 to be exact. the rest he will mow up today. Then wait for the rest of the leaves to fall.

I helped put leaves into the bags.... but he did the most. He was pooped.
and he stepped in dog poop and then was mad at ME, for yelling at him walking thru the house.
Men are funny.....
I mean, really, I would want to know if I had dog poop on my shoe. I wouldn't get mad at him for pointing it out to me. I would be THANKFUL.
He said I yelled at him. well, YEAH, I don't want to live in a "poop house". (private joke for my boys)
But really, (sigh) men.

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