Monday, November 5, 2007

Fertile Myrtle's

We are a fertile group. And most of us are older. LOL LOL
because it's our kids who have been fertile this year.
The last FF baby we had was from Mitzi. she had Mattie about 18 months ago, before that it was she with Nate.
And a long time ago, we took bets on when Meghan would have Devin.
We also got to vote on her name. That was fun. :~)
I like the idea of naming the FF babies.
Maybe we could vote again...since an actual FF is having a baby this time!!

from Kate Getty, Washington/Minnesota:
hi Debbie,I apologize for the long bout of silence..things arecrazy here...I am still traveling almost every weekback and forth to Minnesota...take the red eye Mondaymorning and fly home Friday evening. Not sure if youheard from Cherrie, but we are also pregnant!!! Ourdue date is May 12th, and we are about 13 weeks alongnow. No morning sickness, thank goodness, and everything is going so well. The first part of my childhood I grew up in a niceneighborhood with single-family homes. I don'tremember trick-or-treating very much until we moved toMontana. Don't recall ever making our costumesgrowing up. I think our baby sitter took us most ofthe time to do the actual trick or treating. We livedacross the street from the town Sheriff so it was aquiet neighborhood. The city park was a few blocksfrom the house and that is where my brother and Iplayed softball and t-ball. We had great hills forriding bikes in our two block radius that we wereallotted (they were good size blocks) and there was agreat wooded section behind a row of houses where wecould go exploring. I didn't start carving pumpkins until I was anadult...I think I carved my first one when I was25...I know pretty sad. We do it about every otheryear now...depends on how crazy/busy things are.We never had any haunted houses in any of theneighborhoods that I grew up in and we neverdecorated. Daryl and I went kind of crazy this yearwith decorations..but it was a lot of fun...we havemore fun at Christmas though..=)

from me/debbie:
woo hoo!!!!
Tell Daryl, that you guys can pick your top three names and then the FF's will vote!! LOL
how exciting. Congratulations!!!

oh, and from Barb and their 1st place 3-blind mice award:
It wasn't the costumes, as much as the singing and "acting" we did thru the night, that won us this contest. we were great.................(p.s. I made the ears!)

and more grandbabies...
from Theresa:
I had little Morgan Rorex, April Cain's granddaughter in myMoms-n-Tots class and she is just cute as a button!! It wassuch a fun class today. Really great moms!

she is cute as a button! she came to see me on Halloween afternoon, and growled at me, just like the bear she was....(for Halloween).
She's the cutest thing.

not fertile....OH WAIT, YES SHE IS. or her off- spring is. Lisa is going to be a grandma in March. Her daughter Amanda is expecting.
I should change the name from the Friday Friends to the "Baby Club" or something. LOL LOL
I was going to include the last Halloween note/memory and so I wrote "not fertile, but Halloweeny". hahahaahaaa
But yes, Lisa is joining the ranks of GRANNY.
I tease her....she had a grandmother in Texas, whom they called "Biggie".
So...will Lisa be Granny or Biggie? We'll find out next spring. :~)

from Lisa, her Halloween memory....
Sounds like you have fond memories with your kids too on Halloween! I got a kick out of your "sewing" the costume! No wonder it took you days...
did not sound like you took candy from your kids though.....darn. When the boys were younger, we would put newspaper on the big island and all carve a pumpkin. It was fun and they were always very competitive and creative too. One year, Nick worked and worked to get his pumpkin really thin so the whole thing would glow. He scraped and scraped the inside and then etched a carving on the outside. It looked so good with a candle glowing inside however, the weather was a little warm and we found out that the thinner the pumpkin skin, the shorter its life span is. It did last through Halloween night though which was a good thing! Derek's was not quite as good as he got tired and gave up early but it was still unique. We did this for about three years then Nick had other fish to fry and did not do one but me, Dennis and Derek would...

from me/debbie:
I'm still laughing at myself.
I'm going to write a FF Christmas letter and list all the birth's.

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