Thursday, November 8, 2007


I am worried too...
about a few of you.

from Barb B:
I am very worried about Jolina. It's practically un-American to not like apple pie. As for me------------------give me a fruit pie any old day!! I might just make one this weekend!! YUM!!(although apricot is the only one that doesn't appeal to me).

from Shelly:
I really don't think fruit and dessert should be mixed at all. What's the point?
Now, there are exceptions. I do like desserts with peaches (pie, cobbler, etc.) but that's about it. Some cherry desserts are ok...but I really don't think there's much chance of getting a lot of "real" cherries in canned pie filling. I'm with Jolina on this one.

from Sadie:
No baked fruit, I agree with Jolina. Although I don't like very many fresh fruits either....

from me/debbie:
weirdoes I say!!!!

from a "normal" person (hmmmm..... well... ) my mother in law, Teresa B:
I love fruit and veggies of most all kinds, I like them fresh, raw, and cooked in any way. Apples are a good fruit, I like them, I just never though about anyone not liking apples. But then I can't stand watermelon so I guess it is just a matter of choice.

I would have thought of Apple computer store, as it has been pointed out that there is just no Apple fruit store. A place where they just sell apples (the fruit) would be a farm, a roadside stand, or orchard, something like that in my mind.

see? not normal to not like watermelon.

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