Sunday, April 6, 2008


ah.....books. :~)

from Theresa:
Once here in the McDonald's play area my girl's found a book crosser book... it was an American Girl book and we thought it was pretty cool!

did you go on-line and register it?
We book crossers want to see where our books end up. LOL (I haven't let one go yet. )

from Diana:
That is a neat idea. You could do that we dollar bills also.

it's called, "where in the world is George", and it's being done as we speak. Or it has been done.

from Linda:
Surely you know that we do have a relative that wrote a best seller, and I
have it (someplace)? I know I'd never get rid of it.

no, I didn't know that. Who? who?

from Linda:
This was supposed to be included with the last email I sent you, but I
accidentally sent it before I was ready. I'm old!!!

And I'm figuring that you'll be the next one in the family to write a best
seller. There is a special place for it on my bookshelf.

from me/debbie:
she is "older" than me, this is true. hahahahaaa.......
maybe I'll write the "Peyton Place" of FF world. It really would be a best seller.

from Theda:
I rarely buy a book - I let the library do that for me. But I wish they
would keep track of the books that I check out. Guess I could now log
them in, but I think that I lack the book gene that you all have.

I do long for the idea of sitting and reading. I do make a promise to myself
that I can read (for some reason it is in the extra pleasure category)
after I get my chores done. Which of course hardly ever get done.

Tonight though I do have a "chore". I am going back to the treadmill for
30 minutes every other day. Several months ago I bought myself a tape
player, small with headphones or ear plugs - not sure how to state this
but it is not new technology. I have two books on tape and Tonight is the
Night!! Please don't ask what books they are. I can't remember.

I once wrote in my little notebook that I keep in my purse about a book. On a
clearance sale at the bookstore I got out my notebook and found two books
on tape by the author. They will have to be dusted since they have been
sitting there for about 14 months. Wow can I mark off dusting from the
list. Probably not should be the answer.

from me/debbie:
We all have our "things". at least some people's things include important items. Mine include sitting on my rear end, under a tree and reading a book. Along with some homemade cookies.
I wish I was cleaner..... not that I'm not clean, but I wish I was more motivated to do it FAST so I could read. I'll read first and then do a chore. Read, a chore, read read, half a chore, read, read, eat eat, read, chore.

see?? at least you are productive!! While I am lazy.

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