Wednesday, April 9, 2008


No....I do not have it (gas) :~)

from Meghan in Livermore, CA:
we are circa 3.75ish, so I am surprised we are so close to your cost

from Cherrie in Auburn/Seattle, WA:
Gas Prices fluctuate daily here. I paid 3.29 a week or so ago with a discount at a place where it is now 3.39. I think most places are changing the price daily, I see on gas buddy prices at 3.32 to 3.56.

from Ashley in Boise/Meridian ID:
I paid $3.20 a gallon yesterday at the Boise Costco

from Georgann (who had a birthday yesterday....Happy Day a bit late :~) in San Leandro, CA:
Gas trivia:
We were in Piedmont, Calif. tonight and saw $4.01 per gallon at a Shell station, don't remember what grade of gas that was for. Just a note: as of 2005 we (in Calif.) paid 60 cents tax on each gallon of gas. Don't what it is now. Lowest gas here is $3.65 per gal. Read that if you don't drive over 60mph you save 54 cents per gal.

from Theda in Tualatin, OR:
About the same here in the Portland area. I have a Chevron that is $3.39 for regular.

from Tomi in Kaysville, UT:
It's 3.25 for premium at Costco here.

from Sadie in New Haven, CT:
According to Marcus last time he filled up it was $3.35 at the cheapest place he can find. The most expensive for the same type of Gas is $3.79 (that's quite the range but I'll take Marcus' word for it).

from Barbara B in Buckeye, AZ:
I paid $3.23 today. Doug is in Calif. and paid $4.09 this week. Eek!!

from Darleen in Pasco, WA:
Gas is around $3.45 a gal for low grade.

from me/debbie:
Remember when the speed limit was 55mph? It was to save fuel, right?
I could decide to do this 60.... but it seems like you are going very slow.

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