Sunday, April 6, 2008

Crime and Punishment

road side pottiers....slash sex offenders. Age is no excuse.

from Theresa:
I better get Max registered then :)

omg!!! I was going to laugh, but Rich just said.....tell Max and Camron not to pee in the county or state!!!! If they have to go, step inside the city limits where they won't be sex offenders.
(Max and Cam are five)

from Sadie:
That's really dumb

from Traci:
Truthfully how many men (hardly ever woman) do you see peeing on the side of the road anymore???? There is always a fast food place or gas station around the corner..... well here in California anyway. Not to say we don't see it occasionally but nothing like we did as kids.

from me/debbie:
you don't live out here!! LOL

from Traci again:
So you guys are still considered 'out in the sticks'? I guess (sigh) that there aren't as many towns in Nevada in as in wonderful California. I could ship you a few million people, would that help? hahaha

from Linda:
What did you mean by "we don't have to register as a sex offender"? Who
is we and are you a sex offender?

I cannot tell a lie. I've peed outside before.

Hey!!! I also have, in my life, taken pictures of Rich peeing... you know, his backside. In the woods, in the desert, camping, hiking, fishing, etc.
I always thought it would make kind of an interesting coffee book table----the backs of guys and the places they pee.
geez......instead of a "meth" raid, it would be a "pee" raid on my house/coffee table.

also, Rich called back and wants to know why Max and Cam are on I-80?
Where are their parents and grandparents?

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