Sunday, April 6, 2008

still none

I still dont' have my computer back... :~)

from Lisa:
hurry and get your computer back - we miss you and your "quick" responses!!

from Diana:
Good luck on finding some one to steal your van. Not hip enough even
for the kids in Wmca. Your children are a different story. How many
people have Mark and Sadie had in there?

from Gina:
By the way, Devil in the White City is excellent!!

from me/debbie:
we have it. Rich read it, but I didn't. It's in my stack.

from Georgann:
After reading your email about Laura Lippman, I looked for her books at the library. I enjoy reading mystery novels. Barbara Cleverly mysteries are a good read. I think she lives in Huntington Beach.

We were very fortunate that Matt and DanVy didn't arrive home at the same time the car was stolen. That could have been ugly. Oh, a friend's comment when hearing that my car was stolen, "You and Bob are the unluckiest people I know." She was referring to the break-in at Bob's home last year and Bob's car being hit when he and I were stopped by a flagman during road construction . The driver must off nodded off while coming down the hill and just drove right into the front bumper of our car. We weren't injured and neither was the other driver. I have never thought that we are just happens and some of it is very good and some of it is not. Besides, no one was hurt in any of these events. I like to think that we are very lucky.
I see the "glass half full not half empty".

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