Wednesday, April 9, 2008



from Lisa:
ok, do how do they fly around on broomsticks and play? I want to see that!

from Diana;
Are they flying on broom sticks???

from me/debbie:
they put the brooms between their legs..but dont' quite get off the ground.
The "snitch" that the thing they're looking to find? Well, it's a person and he takes off running around the campus....
i'm not sure of all the rules

from Sadie: Harry Potter is huge here. There's even a class this semester about theology and Harry potter. Tonight there's a harry potter theme party. The Quiditch match doesn't surprise me (Don't know if Yale has them though). Yale feels like Hogwarts. It's old and the undergrads are separated into colleges the same way they are at Hogwarts. Each resident community with it's own name and shield and color. Just like Harry Potter.

I pasted the event invitation so you could see.

You voted for it, and here it is. Your 2008 choice event is

Harry Potter: Muggles and Wizards Unite!

Come for a dance of epic proportions infused with all your favorite Harry Potter elements.

* Free Glowstick Wands for the First 200

* Free Harry Potter Glasses for the First 100

* House Sorting

* Polyjuice Potion

* Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans

* Avada Kedavra Laser Lights

* The Great Lake Fog

& more

Dressing up is strongly encouraged (but not necessary). Get those costumes now!

Yea, it's going to be awesome.

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