Wednesday, April 9, 2008

As the saying goes...from 3/31

The Devil's in the details !!!

from Diana in Elko, NV:
I just spent the weekend in Reno with my mother and her cousin. They
were telling the great family stories and one was about all the kids
on Friday night would have to take a laxative. My Aunt Laura would say
that "If it works you needed it, if doesn't work then it wasn't
needed." My mother said that they were all usually lined up at the
bathroom on Saturday mornings. Guess they all "needed" it.

Phillips Milk of Magnesia was the laxative that my Aunt Vera gave her
kids. They all hated it.
I love Luden's cough drops. I eat them like candy.. yummmmm

When was the last time you had Biliousness or Bitiousness (SP)

as seen on the advertisement for Carter's liver pills!

from Betty in Enterprise, OR:
Your grandmother didn't make it up----because I came from a different area of the country and I grew up hearing that phrase. Usually was used to describe things that were in large amounts -- "she had more shoes than Carter had Little Live pills".
Another saying used up here is -- "busier than a cranberry merchant". Can't explain it.

from Linda in Walla Walla, WA:
Rob says, " Hell's bells and sugar loaves", which make no
sense at all.

Let's make like chickens and get the flock out of here.

I like the one for people who want. I want a raise. The
pat response is "people in hell want ice water".

from me/debbie:
I like that one too!! LOL

from Jolina in Winnemucca. NV:
One day the girls were talking about bad behavior from
another child, and I said, "that would not fly in this house,"
and Jenna said, "just like a penguin!"

from Barb B in Buckeye, AZ:
In the "olden days". didn't they use cocaine in medicine?? That's what I think I need for this back.

from Lisa in Winnemucca, NV:
I remember people saying "Kickapoo Joy Juice"....must be it. Don't remember what it was supposed to do but apparently it made you happy! Probably had alcohol in it....

from Theda on Kickapoo Court in Tualatin, OR:
There have been many times that we are watching an old movie and hear "Kickapoo Indian Juice". I have even had a person ask me, once they saw my address if I have heard of it.

from Darleen in Pasco, WA:
My dad used to use this saying all the time..

from me/debbie:
(colder than a well-diggers ass)

from Thersa in Winnemucca, NV:
My father would say "colder than a well digger's a$$"

from Meghan in Livermore, CA:
I used Vicks as a kid, and still use it on the definitely helps when the have a congested chest!! One time when Devin was about 1 1/2 I left the jar on the bathroom sink after putting some on Nate and she got into it and put it in her eye!!!! I then put some in my eye to see the kind of pain we ere dealing with (no lie) then called Poison Control who had me stand in the shower with her to try to wash it off (think of the viscosity of vicks, not so easy to get out with water) ahhh... toddler days!
Also Ludens is the only cough drop my kids will take as it is not medicinal, but it does help when they have a dry cough tickle that wont stop, it gives them a bit of a break!

from me/debbie:
ME TOO. I loved Luden's. Still do.
and it's like you said....anything (butterscotch candies, lemon drops, Ludens) is going to make our throats feel a bit better.
AND I LOVE VICKS. I love the smell of it. I might go get some right now. But I won't put it in my eye. LOL

from Theda at Kickapoo Court.....
Hi Debbie, Here is one of the remarks from my asking for phone numbers. I thought of you and had to give her a Wikipedia answer that I have to share with you.
From my Friend Mary
Hi Theda, So sorry about your phones. Not enough to do with the wedding that you need to invent new things to keep yourself occupied huh? Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing all of you at Sarah's wedding. I have not rsvped yet but let me assure you, we will all be there with bells on! (That would be an idiom right?) Shoot me now, but I agreed to take over a 6th grade class from now until the end of the year for a lady who is going out on maternity leave. I realized I need to brush up on a LOT of things. Pray for me!
Reply to my Friend Mary
Wow I do need to pray for you, and not just on Sunday's The wedding plans are going well thanks to Sarah being a planner and keeping it all organized. We do look forward to seeing you at the wedding, which won't be long. Funny that you mention an idiom. I have a friend that this week has been thinking of sayings and where they come from and what they grew up with their parents using. I think that this is one I will have to send to her. An idiom for sure.

Here is something to brush up on:
"Be there with bells on. Arriving 'with bells on' -- meaning happy and delighted to attend -- goes back to the days before automobile, when it was the custom to deck out with the fanciest harness the horse that drew the carriage for special occasions. That, of course, was the harness 'with bells on.'" From the "Morris Dictionary of Word Phrase Origins" by William and Mary Morris (HarperCollins, Publishers, New York, 1977, 1988).

To be there with bells on means 'eagerly, ready to enjoy oneself.' One source suggests that this phrase arose when horses and carriages were the primary mode of transportation. On special occasions, say on the way to a party, the horses would be fitted with bells for a festive sound, echoing the carriage passengers' plans to enjoy themselves.

Love Theda

now I will look forward to meeting Mary.
and....Theda washed her cell phone (wasnt' it just last year it feel in the toilet????) so she had to get replacement numbers for us all...

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