Sunday, April 6, 2008

another picture of Devin....
and I guess I shouldn't take credit for her! I always say "my" niece. Not "Meghan's" daughter. LOL

from Meghan:
ok, now that I CAN send are some of Devin doing her Kindergarten presentation last week. disregard her chubby assistant

Meghan----WHAT chubby assistant? I only see her beautiful mother!!

from Diana:
Look out cooking channel....

from Barb B:
Like mother, like daughter!!

(sigh) I think when I win the lottery, I will buy a lodge and have a family b&b and fancy restaurant and catering business, and soup lunch/cafe, and ...... a BBQ joint. all in one!!!! We have many cooks in our family, Linda, Meghan, and now Devin!!

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