Tuesday, April 29, 2008

done with feet

okay, I think I'm done with being silly about the feet. (I think)

We started out our trip full of fun and laughter. We had a good drive...and since I had just went to the lecture on illustrated journaling, I decided to take pictures of "the road" as we went along. It's a long road and I took a lot of pictures. the good thing about digital cameras is that I can delete most of them. LOL

We got to my mom's at about 7:30 and went out to eat, stopped at my brothers and visited with he and Sylvia and my nephews for a bit.
Home, bed.....then the next morning to Rich's mom's. (and Phil's... LOL) We visited, went out to lunch, went to my favorite used book store (where I only got 7 books. Only 7. I think that is good.) Later we ordered Chinese Food and ate and talked and had a grand old time. Darleen's husband Marv can eat his whole dinner with his chop sticks!!!! I can only make it about 1/2 way thru the meal. Maybe 3/4.
anyway...WOO HOO for Marv!!
Rich's parents, Auntie Darleen and Marv, Scott and Leslie, me and Rich and Jeff and his new girlfriend came over.
Poor girl. We are quite an intimidating bunch. and that was just a few of us.....
On Saturday we had a great anniversary party!!! And all the family came, and some friends. It was nice............. a very nice afternoon.
In the evening there was more company at mom and Phil's....and we watched some old family movies and munched on leftovers (both Chinese and salmon and prime rib from the party).
We all went out to breakfast the next morning....12 of us anyway.
I just ate my way thru the weekend it seems.

OH....Marv loves "boiled" peanuts, so I told him the story about Lisa....not wanting to eat that boiled penis when they went down south. She thought that was GROSS, and no one was going to MAKE HER!! so there.
And then someone said...Peanuts Lisa...boiled peanuts.
It was a great dinner story!!
Marv is from the south were boiled peanuts are from.
I understand it's an acquired taste. LOL

oh...and PS: Marv said I never age.
another Woo Hoo for Marv!!!

I'll put my pictures up on my Ringo account, if anyone wants to travel the long and winding road.... and then the party. Probably party first, as it was more fun.

We stopped at my mom's after breakfast Sunday morning......then left town about noon. on the way home, we weren't as full of fun.
4 day trips are hard on us old people.


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