Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tying it all together...I hope

observations from yesterday's blogs. (I'll leave it to you to attach each statement to whichever blog it came from..... compressor and or men, peeing and/or sex offending, breakfast cooking smells.

from Barbara in Arizona:
What do you bet that I would win the prize (over Laurie) for peeing the mosy often...............................??!!
Remind me to tell you about one time driving thru Wyoming.

from me/debbie:
LOL... I know she means "most" and not "mosy" but I couldn't help leave it in there.
YES... Barb has to go often. I'm not sure if I have heard of driving thru Wyoming, but Barb....can I tell them about the plane trip?
Rich would stop for Barb to go when they had meetings and drove together, but me? heck no. I had to wait until he was ready to stop.

Laurie and the "goal posts"
from Gina:
The goal posts......the first time that she didn't make it to a potty, we were taking her son to Reno to have his knee looked at as he blew it out in a football game.
She was nervous and needed to go and WANTED me to pull over outside of Lovelock on the side of the road.
I wouldn't and made her wait until coal canyon exit (everyone on the freeway would have seen her as you know, there is no cover).
I found a huge dirt mound and pulled over to that.
She was running to get to it when she threw her hands up in the air like refs do when a touchdown occurs.
Anyway, she did that cause she didn't make it to the dirt mound. My Aunt lived in Lovelock and we had to take her there to clean up and change clothes. So we tease her now about the goal posts.

oh yeah.....ahahahahahahahaaaa. I had forgotten that. Laurie not making it and peeing....and she throwing up her hands like a ref does. ahahahahahah
well, it was your fault Gina, you didn't stop in time. LOL LOL
Poor Laurie.

from Theda:
On Sunday I went to Target. As I get out of the car I notice a cart with a small girl in the basket. Just sitting there at the truck of the car. I get a rather bad feeling and stand there for a moment. Then I see at the passenger door a Mother with her small son. He is facing the car and the car door is open. His cute little hinny is bare for us to see. He had to go and I guess he could not make it to the store.

from Jolina:
does it count if it's in our own yard?
peeing on Mr. Hooft's trees?

from Diana:
In Elko there is a public urinal at the Train Park. It is a concrete
structure that people use. Then when I see people crawling on it, I
would think of that commercial "not as clean as you think you are". In
the summer we would see 3 or 4 people a week using it.

I honk at the people I see peeing on the side of the road. Use a porta
potty, if not use as soda bottle and throw it at the next road worker
you see. WTF!!!to quote Debbie

from Diana:
Jeff won't let me cook maple flavored bacon because the house smells
like it for days. Regular bacon does not bother him.

from Diana:
I love Auntie Darleen to. she has it nailed on the head...

from Sadie:
I got a good laugh out of Darleen's rant. I even read it out loud with the emphasis' as noted to Marcus. His only response was, "my dad has a hernia?"

from Jolina:
I'm the one lifting, sawing, and saying "we can do this." So, I don't really think it's a MAN thing exclusively. I own all the tools, I am the one pushing to do all those MAN things you guys are talking about. I am the one who wants to build "MANLAND" and pour concrete. Mike could care less.

Auntie Darleen and Uncle Jackass Marv-- wooweee

from Theda:
I did it! Got on the treadmill. It took 10 minutes for me to get the tape player to work. I then was on the treadmill for 15 minutes when I somehow pulled the headphones off and the player went on the floor. John yelled up to be sure that I was okay. I decided that was practically 30 minutes of the treadmill. It was a start anyway.

from Diana:
when I worked at American Staffing in Wmca, the phone in the building
would call 911 by itself. Then the poor cop would have to come and
check to make sure that no one in the building was in trouble. The
phone was finally removed and no more crank calls to 911

No Sadie, you do not sound like an old women. You sound like a
reasonable person.

from Mark:
It sounds like something I would do
We don't need any help. Dad got the compressor down just fine

from Theda:
A story such as this could be etched on all men's tombstones.

from Diana:
Been there done that......

I talked to Doug C last night and he calmly told me that Rich didn't "need" his help either. It was handled fine. LOL

from Theresa:
Oh Lord, Macie will have went into drama mode if they delayed lunch - lol.

from Jolina:
the tuna, not the vinegar

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