Sunday, April 6, 2008

reading blogs

Last night, as I was adding a few more books to "LibraryThing", I was also clicking on links to people's blogs. Random people, whom I don't know....just checking out their lives. And I clicked on someone an then clicked on one of their friends, and then clicked again (these people all had listed their website/page/blog on "GoodReads", so they are fellow book lovers ) and I ended up reading a blog of a young woman in Pennsylvania. She has a "List of the Day" on her blog.

I'm jealous!! That she thought of this first!! Like maybe I should have a month of lists.......

today's list......What I did last night (this is an easy one, since I just told Traci )

1. Went home and watched the last episode on the DVD I have from Netflix of Battlestar Galactica. (I have to catch up before the season 4 premier next month. It's my dirty little secret--sci fi fan)

2. Rich came home in the middle and asked me questions. (not as big a fan as me)

3. Made dinner (grilled ham and cheese for Rich, leftover Chinese Food for me)

4. ate
5. sorta cleaned up
6. added some books to "LibraryThing" while searching random blogs on the computer.

7. talked to Luke on the phone
8. talked to Mark on the phone
9. went to bed and read

S0, that's my list of what I did last night.
So, if any random person just came across my you think that list would make me seem interesting?
I doubt it. :~(
I so much want to be interesting. LOL

so that's my blog for today, because Jolina informed me....
Debbie - just wanted to share with you that I was cleaning out my e-mail files, and I deleted 159 from you alone yesterday. Just since January. Those are the ones I responded to, so I'm sure there were plenty more than that!

PS--but what am I to do about your witty and funny comments from yesterday? They're all waiting in my in-box.

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