Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Good Question

Good question!!

from Kevin....
she wants to know how much gas is where "you guys" live?

her note: (Kevin's)
My friend little Ashley and her family got stuck for an extra 3 days in Hawaii. They were told that their tickets with Aloha would be honored and a place to stay paid for, but noooo.... None of that happened and it pretty much ruined what had been a nice trip over spring break. Ash now has a week's worth of school to catch up with and that is hard when you are an 8th grader.
Something has to give, somewhere, whether it is the price of fuel or help for these airlines. Isn't it odd that we can hardly afford to fill up our cars, airlines are going bankrupt, but the major oil companies quarterly profits keep increasing.
Gas is up to $3.65 for regular in Winnemucca, altho I paid $3.45 yesterday at Wally World. What is it where other FF live? I am very curious.


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