Sunday, April 6, 2008

wedding invite

Yesterday in the mail, I received the wedding invitation to Sarah, Theda's daughter's wedding.
It was very cleverly made I thought.... and I also thought, how very Theda like, to be sooo organized

It's a very organized card/invite. I wish I could show it too you all.... but I did show my book group last night and everyone loved it!!

I thought it was very Theda-ish (she's very much more organized than I am), but this is what she said:
All hand made by Sarah. Note the postal stamp. Near Multnomah Falls is the very small town of Bridal Veil. The inside of the post office has been described to me as - if you have a large purse two people can't fit in the building.
It snowed here this am. Today I am off to recycle and run errands.

me/debbie: I must confess... I get any theme genes from Theda.
(postmarked Bridal Veil.... :~)

and organizational skills? Well, I have not picked those up from ANYONE. I'm still a work in progress.

from Theda:
I just got the new Grisham book from the library for John. He has not started it yet. He said that he read the pizza one but we never discussed it. As for me, I am still reading cook books to find new recipes for Sarah's gift opening brunch. I am marking them and them making a photo copy and then in a file folder for later review.

And Theda will "try out" her brunch recipes before serving them to guests. Her lucky family!!!
what kind of recipes are you looking for? We'll all help.
Send Brunch recipes please!!

I am trying to be organized a bit in planning a double 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents an their best friends. (you know these FF's, my mom Bev and her best friend Betty )
I sent "save the date" flyers yesterday.....
in an earlier e-mail, I told Betty that I would be sure and put "no" gifts on the invite. (both my parents and Jim and Betty are adamant about this---fun, family and friends are great, gifts not so much )
but in my e-mail to Betty I accidentally wrote,
I'll be sure and put go gifts on the invitation.
ahhaahahahaha.... I meant "no" gifts not "go" gifts. Luckily I double checked my "save the date" flyer.

I think I gave Betty a heart attack!


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