Wednesday, April 9, 2008

from 3/28

Hooray again!!!
I didn't want to be the only loser. :~)

from Tomi Pingree in Utah:
You can add me to your "loser" list. I do not sew, quilt, craft, crochet, knit etc. etc. In fact, the few times I have tried any of the above listed activites has ended in dismal results.

Cases in point: While working on a quilt with my mother and sister, I was told perhaps it would be better if I watched the kids instead of help with the quilt.

I decided any fool can crochet a dishrag. (My grandmother used to crochet me dishrags all the time. I loved them!) So, I had my sister show me how to do it. Seemed like no big deal. Well-somehow I ended up with a triangle instead of a rectangle.

I did cross stitch for awhile. It was kind of tedious, so I quit. I won't even tell you about the times I attempted to sew with a machine. (I safety pinned some of Cody's Scout badges-then my mother saw and was horrified. From then on, I just took them to her to sew on.)

I was sooo happy to get this e-mail.
Until I remembered my "cross stitch".
Given to me by....NONE OTHER than TOMI.

me thinks, perhaps....she fibs?
oh. I just re-read her note. She admitted to cross stitching. My project was probably the tedious one. I ruined her for future cross stitching.

Tomi gave me a very nice cross stitch when I moved from Elko in 1989.
It said that even tho we are far apart, we would always be neighbors.
but in a much nicer way...
very pretty.

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