Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I wonder

I wonder if I can pull one over on Rich.....

from Linda, my cousin, in Washington:
Last night I went to a meeting at church. It's supposed to
last for an hour, but usually runs over. In the first hour
they get all of the business done and the next 1/2 hour - 45
min. is spent visiting. At the end of the hour, last night,
I stood up and put on my coat. I said I have to leave
because I have my grandson tonight and he can only sit in
the car for about an hour. I thought the Pastor was going
to pass out. I said I was just kidding and he told me I
should have saved it for today. I didn't even realize it
was April Fool's Day. I haven't pranked anyone for years.

ahahahahaha!!! Poor guy.
What's a good husband prank?

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