Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just the beginning

It's just the beginning!!! Candy!!! We also have that rule here in Winnemucca. NO CANDY OR COOKIES OR DONUTS.
Hey Mister.....I need a dime bag o reeses pieces..

from Theda: (who works in the district office, Tualatin-Tigard School District ):
There is always more to the story. Perhaps they are not really
"Skittles", or at least lets hope so.

from Rich, who is ever so smart and smug for figuring out how to "rig" things:
It,s the new school policy for helping our kids eat healthier. That is why they don't sell pop or candy on school property

from me/debbie:
I know that.... I just think, "come on people". He's a good perhaps headed down a path of crime and hell All For EATING SKITTLES!!!
Punishment that doesn't fit the crime harms more than helps!!! Or at least I think so.
he also cannot go to an honor society dinner.
He says he did not know that buying the candy was against the rules
(it was just back on the news now)

from Georgann:
Was it entrapment?

from me/debbie:
I bet it was. they set him up!!!! Skittles for sale, come on, one won't hurt ya. and then.... AHA!! you can't be in the honor society. Your grades mean nothing!! But your taste buds do.

I know, I know....there has to be rules, but...... (and as Theda says, perhaps there is more to the story...)

from Jolina (at the college across from our high school):
Since the "big ban" across the street, some of the kids became aware that we have (shhh!) candy and soda here. We've waffled back and forth about the best policy. Do we kick them out because it's been banned, or let them buy contraband? Maybe we can be prosecuted for contributing . . .

uh oh

from Sadie:
New Haven is ridiculous. Seriously, they have bigger problems than candy. Marcus went to a middle school to observe a teacher last semester and the kids are so bad they have a weekly courses/meetings with the oldest kids at the school in small groups to teach them about not hitting each other and boundaries. These kids are like 8th graders not kindergarteners. Seriously, they need to rethink they're priorities-- who cares about candy.

from me/debbie:
and that's the news!

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