Sunday, April 6, 2008

my own disclaimer

well, there had to be something seriously wrong with these people.
they had some problems.
So....I feel a bit bad about joking around.
a bit....

but you know, I don't think I've actually sat in the bathroom long enough for Rich to worry about me, and if I did, well, I hope he'd get me some "help", before letting my butt grow onto the seat.

you all have good points below:

from Barb B:
I think they BOTH are wackos!! And.......where did he go to the bathroom the past 2 years????

from Sadie:
what about. Who would want a boyfriend that allowed you to sit on the toilet for two years before calling for help. I would think after a few hours (or a few days) it would be time for concern.

from Shelly:
And why would any "news" agency pick this story up and broadcast it???

from Traci:

#1 A guy could never meet a girlfriend if all she did was sit on the toliet. Not unless he visited the bathroom to find her.

#2 YOu could add a little bleach to the tank and flush a few times, the strong smell of the bleach could knock her out and then she'd fall off the toliet and get hurt.

#3 I guess she'd be a fairly skinny girl when the two years was up.

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