Sunday, April 6, 2008


Just reminding you all, that I don't have a computer at work right now. (in case I don't answer you right away... as was the case yesterday when my cousin Linda asked for my breakfast casserole recipe because she couldn't find hers.....and I didn't see the note until later in the evening. she had probably already gone to the store. :~)

Linda said this:
I'm sending this email to your home and office, as I'm kind of in a hurry and don't know where you are, for sure.

I need your recipe for breakfast casserole. I can't find mine and I'm trying to get to the store and a hundred other things are happening all at once.

Thanks. I owe you one.

and I had to say....."darn it, I'm sorry" and "darn it, now she doesn't owe me one".


from Barb in Arizona:
My car was stolen when I worked at Stockton JCP. Left work one night around 11 p.m. car! Long story, but they found it eventually and also the guy who took it. He was a sr. in hi school and had gotten so comfortable driving it, he left school papers with his name on them in the visor.............

from Lisa in Nevada:
egads that is so not fun!! The only thing worse was when it happened TWICE to my daughter Stephani - and the same car.....L

from Theda in Oregon:
A co-worker had her car stolen. The police called to tell her that it was found. Stolen in the day and they called in the evening. She said that she would come and get it. Not too far from her home on the freeway but was told that she can't come and get it from there. It has to be towed and she can get it tomorrow. Of course she had to pay for "storage". She was so grumpy also!

from Gina in Nevada:
Why is it that the law abiding citizen always has to pay for the criminals activities? I would be grumpy also.

from Diana in Nevada:
Lucky that she got it back in one piece and no one was hurt during
that time. BUT, I would be really GRUMPY....

from Georgann:
To be honest I wasn't sure I wanted it back!! It is a 1991 Honda with lots of mileage. Interesting, the police report stated that the officer, after taking my report, drove around the block and found an unreported stolen car. He had said that car thieves often drop off one stolen car and steal another car. Car tag? Pain in the ....but I am going to give my car a thorough cleaning (disinfecting) inside and out.

I have a new stack of books to read...By a Spider's Thread by Laura Lippman also No Good Deeds. Then I found The Swallows of Kabul by Yasmina Khadra, Dancing to 'Almendra' by Mayra Montero, The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson and Prairie Nocturne by Ivan Doig. See what you started! LOL

from me/debbie:
ah...Laura Lippman. I love her "Tess Mongahan" character. LOL Isn't it funny how we have threads that connect us?
PS I too wish someone would steal my van. Same one I bought in Los Banos!!!! so, it's old too.

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