Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feeling out of the loop

I'm feeling REALLY out of sorts here. Out of touch, with everyone.

I have a long story to tell about my computer and "men" having "Pissing Contests" (as Rich calls them). A test of wills between the computer fixer and a man on my board of directors.
Hopefully....well, I WILL get my computer back tomorrow. Just in time to get the newsletter done and in the mail, etc.

so....for now.....

how was your Easter?

do you call butter... that 1/2 cup thing..
a stick? or a cube?

and......I insist...
1. Which other culture would you choose to be born into? What other culture has intrigued you over your lifetime and why?
(do not cringe at this time and INSIST you are proud to be an American. I'm not asking if you are patriotic or not. I'm asking a simple question---that requires an explanation--which other culture would you choose to be born into, or which one has interested you and intrigued you and why?)

2. In what era would you most like to have grown up?

3. (taken from my "Grandpa, tell me your life book" on March 23rd. )
What chore did you dislike the most growing up?

I guess I shouldn't have said "born into" because (as I knew I would) I am getting "oh I love my culture, etc etc"
So how about....what other culture intrigues you? Interests you? YOU CANNOT SAY NONE TO THAT ONE. Can you? I mean, really...seriously, some other culture somewhere along the line has had to peak your interest.

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