Wednesday, April 9, 2008 you....

So, when you get a BUNCH of e-mail/blogs from me, do you start at the beginning or the end?
first e-mail or last e-mail?
I figure this is of the utmost importance in how many of you answer the questions.

I can't think of any questions right now...
but I have a note to myself here on the desk.
do you remember the last governor of New York, who had dealings with a prostitute?
Well, you all know that prostitution is legal here in Nevada.
Rich says that if he had been the governor here, he would have just been "stimulating" the economy. :~)

(ya gotta love him.... I'm not sure why, but ya do)

Then other notes to myself....
do any of you remember the band women would wear around their chins at night? Like a head/hair band, but it was to hold the chin up. To help stop those awful double chins?
(damn, I wish I would have thought of this sooner, I'd be wearing one. LOL )

And then I came across these statistics which just fascinate me....

* if a couple is trying to adopt a child, it costs tens of thousands of dollars.
* if a person/couple are foster parents, they are paid funds to do so. And is some cases, they are just fostering for the funds, not for the sake of the child or children. They just want the money.
* a stupid idiot can get pregnant and go on welfare and get paid to keep her child and get caught up in the system of welfare, sometimes child abuse, poverty, undereducated, ignorance, etc.

okay...those are exactly statistics, but it's just interesting to me.
low life scum can have a baby and make money off the system
not so great people can foster children to make money
and then couples who can love a child, afford to give it a decent home and food and give it a great and loving homelife, have to suffer and scrape, go through heartbreak just to get a child.

It's just an interesting observation to me.

and I'm not saying there aren't great foster parents out there...
just observing life. :~)

gawd, I'd be a great professor of sociology!!!
(Jolina's making me finish my English credits this fall..... and an upper level history class. Woot!)

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