Sunday, April 6, 2008

so...this morning

I just "feel" like cooking is all....

this morning I made some cinnamon pull aparts and bacon and scrambled eggs.
I wonder if I will "smell" at church?

from Kevin K:
I had apparently fallen off Debbie's list again or something, as I haven't heard from her in over 3 weeks, other than book club and now today there are maybe 53 emails (I may be exaggerating). I find out Barb had a back episode and it is obvious that I missed some other stuff. but... it has happened before.
Yes, breakfast smells linger and really permeate your clothes. Every time I go help at the community breakfast, even my hair stinks. I do not why, but thanks for the hint about the vinegar, altho fish smells don't bother me. But I guess I either do it on the BBQ or bake it.
Anyway, I am glad cyberspace has given me back Debbie's crazy emails. Oh & I hear she was made the Executive Director of the Chamber, so Congratulations are in order.
Bye, Kevin

what's in a name? same stuff, different day. LOL LOL

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