Wednesday, April 9, 2008

so sorry

So sorry. :~)

from Barbara B:
Not one word for 2 days, and then there is an e-mail! I'm all excited! Till I open it and find one crummy little sentence,,,,,,,,,
Are you planning on flying anytime soon?

from me/debbie:
nope, but my kids just made plane reservations for the big 50th wedding anniversary party.
(and.....It's so nice to know I am missed. :~)
Shelly also said:
So, what's happening at the Chamber??
I figure something must be happening since you have been so silent this week.

back to the scary airline situation!

from Sadie:
me too especially since we already bought our tickets for the summer. Our airline needs to stay in business for at least a few more months.

from Traci:
Why? What happened now?

from me/debbie:
I'll tell you why Traci says "now" in a minute.
they scare me because every day on the news flights are cancelled like crazy!!!

from Theresa M:
Because so many have just closed shop? We're very sad about Aloha. That was our fav way to get to Disneyland.

And I had gotten an e-mail from Traci on Saturday. Her daughter Lauren is in a wedding in 9 weeks. In Hawaii. All of the bridal party and I think bride, family, etc, had booked their tickets on Aloha!
Which went belly up this weekend.
It was pretty hectic--scrambling trying to get another flight for the wedding--NOT TO MENTION THE MONEY. (Which they are supposed to get back---but who knows really if and when? )

from Shelly:
And we have no other alternatives for some take the chance and go with them...or never go anywhere.

yep, we have no other resource.

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