Wednesday, April 9, 2008

sew sew

sew, sew, sew.....

from Darleen:
I have the new machine, but I still don't sew. I had to call Leslie to come over and help me with it as I can't even read the damn manual and know what it says!! (Leslie has a Brother sewing machine too). I used my old one (my Mom's - 1954 Singer A301 - blast from the past) and it needed servicing so badly it was cheaper to buy a new one. I can do small things and have actually made things from patterns, but I don't think that any big house of style is ready to hire me yet!!

from my cousin Linda:
My mom was the sewer in our family. I can crochet (a little). I can
embroider (and I like to). I'm a cross stitcher, but sadly not counted.
I can only do stamped. I do make some great wreathes, but that's the
extent of my craftiness.

from Jolina:
crafter, painter, sketcher (?)
I can't quite call myself an artist, just not good enough

oh, and beader, solderer (that sounds perverted)
maybe metal works is better word
love working with wood too, altho haven't had much time.

from Barbara Brown:
I can knit and embroider, in addition to quilting. I can also make clothes from a pattern. I actually made a lined coat with bound button holes once ( a million years ago.....).!!

from me/debbie:
okay....Jolina is WAY TOO crafty for me....and I don't even want to know what a "bound" button is.

from Lisa:
pretty nice machine - good for her! I wish I had a dime for every seam I sewed when my two girls were little! I sewed lots of their clothes for many years. I remember how I ( and they) loved sewing them something special to wear at Christmas each year. They loved having matching things too.....ah those were the days. I could make a pair of shorts for 50 cents!

from Teresa, my MIL:
I Knit, I crochet, I tat but not well, I do embroidery, and I craft.

and very do these things!

from Theda:
What is a "tatter"? Guess that is a no for me or I would know what it is.
Don't add me to the list. Upstairs I have two repairs and a hem. But I am thinking that I should just buy a new pair of shoes that fits the pants and then I win x2.

I am glad that Sadie owns a sewing machine. We gave Sarah one for a gift. She likes to sew and craft. We were at an estate sale and there it was, even in a table.

just buy the new shoes!!! LOL no hemming for us!

from Sadie:
are you asking me if I've used it lately? Last time I used it was right after we moved into the apartment. I had a panel of fabric that I cut in half and then sewed a seam on so it wouldn't fray for curtains in our bedroom. Don't inspect it closely but from a distance it works

from Betty:
My grandmother gave up trying to teach me to knit or crochet, my mother had a bit of luck in teaching me to sew so can do some hemming and altering but don't have much lot in going farther than that.

from Diana:

I don't sew as in curtain, clothes, quilts but I do crosstitch, and I
know how to tat but I am really bad at it.
I am a crafter occasionally as in I paint village pieces for my nieces
and have done homemade gifts. I tat (not well), embroider, crosstitch.

from me/debbie:
I said this
I really envy, sewers.
but not enough to learn to sew.
It's good to have friends...... :~)

and Lisa said this:
yes, there are those friends who just sew up a pair of curtains out of sheets for your kitchen/dining room overnight, huh?

LOL...she made these for me!!
I went to the fabric store with her (which in this town is Wal-mart) and she said...well, this is what I heard, "blah blah blah rick rack blah blah blah we could use blah blah... "
Poor Lisa! She didn't know what she was getting into with me.

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