Sunday, April 6, 2008

the 13th continues

yes, yes.... this is it. LOL

JR. High

from Theresa:
You know they're thinking "score!" that they got evacuated on a test day! LOL And now they're in just in time for lunch :)

lol. I'm sure they did.
I have to say, I loved when we had a "bomb scare" or two when I was in high school.
I'm sure my parents didn't. boy we really change how we view things, don't we?

Jr high gas.....(leak)

from Shelly:
When I was at the jr high they were discussing putting off lunch until 1:00 so that the kids could complete their tests. Also, the lunch crew was in the middle of preparing lunch when the evacuation happened and they were afraid they'd have to throw a lot of the food out and start over since it sat out for so long. I'll have to ask Bryan if lunch was delayed...

from Traci:
You had bomb scares when you were in high school???? All we had we streakers running through campus!

from me/debbie:
I think we had one. One bomb scare. and I can't remember if it was in High school or Jr. High.
we had a few streakers too.

do you know that nowadays streakers would have to file as sex offenders for the rest of their lives? And let their neighbors know they were sex offenders?

from Jolina: (who works at the college, across the street from the high school)
A few years ago, there were several bomb threats made to the high school. Did you know that they tracked the pay phone that the kids was using, and guess where it was located? Here! Some kid was coming over here and making the call from our pay phone. The cops grilled us about who we'd seen, etc. Frankly, I didn't pay that much attention to people coming and going. I glance up and if the person acts like they know what they are doing, I don't pay any more attention. The phone has since been taken out - thanks to cell phones, I'm sure. It was tucked in that corner where I can't really see anyway!

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