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home fries

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Home Fries

We had dueling home fries here the other day, a veritable home-fry cook-off between my mother and father. Mom makes her fried potatoes sliced, using raw potatoes, and usually serves them as a side when we have fish for dinner. Dad makes his home fries for breakfast using leftover boiled potatoes from the night before. Both are great. The raw potatoes tend to brown up better. The cooked potatoes can get a little mushy if you stir them too much. You can easily dress up them up with bell peppers, ham, or bacon. And if you add some egg, you get German farmer's breakfast.

me/debbie: do you make your own "home-fries"?
We usally say "fried" potatoes here.
I made them just the other night. Rich likes them, so instead of baked potatoes with our chicken, I made fried potatoes.

I like to leave the skin on. Wash them real good and slice them in pretty big chunks.
When Rich does it, he peels them (with a knife, never a peeler) and cuts them into much smaller chunks.
And, yes, both are good. But why is it I like Rich's version better than he likes mine? I like mine, I like his. He likes his.
We both USUALLY add onions. He more often than me. (and then my house will smell like onions for days.... LOL )
The adding of the egg to make "German farmer's breakfast", I had never seen until I married Rich. He does it all the time. It's good.
When we were young and poor, we used to have German Farmers Breakfast, all the time for dinner. At least once a week. The boys would drown it in ketchup (or catsup).
Now we have it because we like it. :~) do you make "Home Fries" ?

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