Sunday, April 6, 2008

bookstores looks like Theda will not make it to see Laura Lippman tonight. :~(

I love Tess Monaghan books. :~)
They are a dumb series mystery character book.... Tess Monaghan is from Baltimore, and the books take place there. Her aunt owns a bookstore. And Tess "rows" for exercise. And she has a healthy appetite but stays .... where women think she is 10 lbs overweight, but men thinks she's just fine. LOL LOL

from Theda:
I have never read these. As much fun as that would be, sorry I will not
be there. You need to find a great author time and come here and we can
go together. They have lots of events and I am sure that it will be
packed with people that know where to go. I know where the store is and
have been there several times. Bought some Christmas items there this
last year. But I get lost in the store. Each area has a color, orange,
red, green and perhaps others. I have to practically drop crumbs so I can
find my way back out. If it was in the summer I think that I would
though. For now it is rainy and dark. Really I have a MUST do. Sarah
gave me her address list that I am to review and give back to her.
Wedding invitations go out on Saturday. Be sure to check the post mark
when your's arrive. She gave me this about 10 days ago, so I am in
trouble. I told her that it would be back to her tonight. Happy St.
Patrick's Day!! Theda

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