Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Don't get me wrong

Now I know I'll probably catch a lot of flack over this one....

(before I do tho, Jolina used the phrase "all stoved up" the other night. Meaning her muscles were all tense for awhile. All stoved up.
We need to check out that phrase too :~)

okay...back to what I was going to write about.
I'm not going to catch the flack, because I'm not going to put up my mitt, okay?
I'm just observing. It is what I do.

Charleton Heston.
one would have had to pry his gun out of his cold dead hands (his words not mine) before he'd give up his right to carry it.

He believed in the 2nd ammendment VERY STRONGLY.
He lobbied and spoke and lived his right to carry a gun.

He was a 2nd amendment advocate.


When Ice Tea (or ice cube or some ice guy) wrote the song "Cop Killer" some years back, Time Warner wouldn't pull the song from production.

(don't get me wrong...IT'S A HORRIBLE SONG. I'm just stating some facts and then making an observation)

Charelton sat on the board of Time/Warner so he went to their annual dinner and shamed them---proceeded to read the lyrics (which are horrible!!!! My fear here is that no one will see that I've written they are despicable lyric, 2 times and get mad at me. )
to the Time/Warner execs. Horrible nasty awful lyrics and asked them to pull the production and distribution of the song.
They wouldn't. They said it was a 1st amendment right. He told them it wasn't about anyone's rights, it was about $$$$$$$ for them, and they were vultures.

okay...I'll say once again...Horrible song, but....

While Chareton Heston would have fought for his 2nd amendment rights with his last breath.... the right to bear arms
he didn't think the same of the 1st amendment... the right to free speech. Be it a rap song or not.

Just a little observation...that's all.

** again a disclaimer. I don't agree or disagree with Charleton or Ice Tea. I'm only an observer in this life. :~)
amendments are subjective. They obviously mean different things to different people.
I guess that's why we have a Supreme Court.

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