Wednesday, April 9, 2008

classic movies

Theda has a good point...
she answered my Godfather question with this:
I have never watched this show. I did really love AMC - but now it seems that the classics they play and classics that I think that are classics are not the same. Some of their classics are movies that I grew up with. How can they be classics???? I want really old movies not Jaws and such. I had DVR'ed the movie Ned Devine the other day so I watched that movie today. I think that it is such a funny movie. Now watching Cold Case. Yeah, not a rerun.

That is such a good point. AMC has more modern movies lately...not classics. (except these Godfather movies)
I love the really really old ones.

Yesterday I watched "Whatever happened to Baby Jane?"
with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.
It was good...creepy in a good old creepy way.

You know how they have THE MUSIC when something creepy happens in an old black and white movie?
Like when Joan Crawford takes the lid off her dinner plate and there is her dead canary? the music goes.... da DUM, da DA dum!!! and there is a close up of Joan Crawfords face with the wide horrified eyes and the funny eyebrows.
Well, after watching this movie, I walked upstairs and right in front of Rich's closet, there was a bullet laying on the floor.... so my mind did a quick da dum, da DA dum!!!! (you should have seen my funny eyebrows!!)
Thinking...why is there a bullet laying there? Did Rich load his gun? Do I need to worry? Has he acted funny lately?

I tell him these concerns of mine and he just shakes his head.

it was a good old "classic" movie. From Netflix.

good night,
Love, debbie

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