Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home fries too

Rich came home for lunch while I was writing that potato blog.....
he said, "what's up with that? fried potatoes are fried potatoes...
I said "not necessarily. I leave the skin on, you don't like mine."
He said, "No. I don't like that."
(he's not a big fan of my everyday cooking......I don't think)

from Sadie:
I don't make home fries, but I will tell you how ever my Senora made them in
Spain they were the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. I tried to get
her to make them everyday but she wouldn't go for that.

from Jolina:
I haven't made fried potatoes in forever. My mom used to grate raw potatoes and do
hashbrowns. They were always grey when she got done, kinda slimy, not the least bit
crunchy. yuck

I like them very crispy. I used partially boiled potatoes, skin on, cut into small
cubes. No onions - roasted garlic. sometimes bacon. fry on each side till dark
brown, almost burnt. In lots of oil. See now why I don't make them anymore. I
noticed last weekend that I never make biscuits and gravy anymore. I used to make
breakfast on Sunday before we all went golfing. And a lot of the time it was B&G.
Those days are long over, and Mike probably misses it. It'll have to be one of those
treat days when I am feeling generous.

from Linda:
I peel and cube my potatoes. Then add onion and bell pepper (if I have
it). Put them into a frying pan with hot oil and salt and pepper them.
Then turn down the pan and leave uncovered. Watch them, turn them, and
decide if I want cheddar cheese on them or not. Depends on what I'm
serving them with. If I decide on the cheese, I wait until they're done,
sprinkle with grated cheddar, cover, remove from heat and serve.

from Gina:
I use russet potatoes cause they are good and starchy and I slice them very thin. I add onion and when I feel like having a real coronary delight, I fry them in bacon grease! I like them brown and crispy!!! The potatoes in the picture below look just the way I like them!!!

from Barb B:
I, too, peel the potatoes. And I always add onion.
Lately, I have been using olive oil instead of the Wesson oil. It takes a lot less
oil when olive oil is used.

from Betty B:
I do them both ways. Jim prefers them made from raw potatoes and sliced thin on a grater but it is faster with precooked cut in chunks. Always peel the potatoes either way. The guys always use ketchup.

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