Wednesday, April 9, 2008

if you remember

If you recall, I said that Theda's daughter Sarah and really nice invitations and I wish I could show them to you.... (I wonder how....)

from Laura:
I wish you could show us might help Tyler and Tamra
with theirs. They had known just exactly what they wanted,
until they priced it all out.then it has been a see saw of
emotions ever since. Then they went in the totally opposite
direction and were only looking at how little they could get
this one for or that one for. I think they settled on one
tonight that they found on the Internet. It is a good
compromise anyway.we'll see.

Tyler is "my" son, if you remember the whole hospital switch.
so I am feeling bad that I didn't get this to them in time. ( LOL )
But, I am sure their invitations will be exactly perfect--for them.
Isn't that the way things turn out?

now I'm wondering, how he'll explain "me" as the "2nd" mother of the groom???

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