Sunday, April 6, 2008


I wish someone would steal "my" car. But that's another story. LOL

from Georgann:
Woke up Sunday morning to discover my car missing...taken....used for transportation from San Leandro to Oakland. Luckily it was found by the CHP in Oakland. It had been parked illegally and towed. Probably if they had parked it in a legal spot it would have taken longer to recover the car. Just a cost of $225 to get it out of storage. Now I have to clear up the parking ticket by sending copies of documents to the Oakland police. Copy of storage fees to State Farm for reimbursement. This is just such a pain..... and I am soooo grumpy. Just had to vent.


dang!!! and then....YOUR car is STOLEN and you still have to pay to get it out of storage. Makes no sense to me!!!
I would be grumpy too!!!!

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